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The House After Divorce. What Will You Do?

Are you in the process of either considering divorce or perhaps even implementing divorce proceedings and starting to think about selling the home or other real estate assets?

With all of the stresses and emotions that can accompany a divorce it's helpful and wise to have a neutral real estate advisor on your team committed to insuring any real estate assets are sold for the most money in a way that respects and honors both parties desires.

There isn't just a 'real estate sale' conversation that needs to be addressed in a divorce sale. While spouses may be forced to agree to a sale they are not always willing to cooperate with the sale process.

Working with an experienced and certified REDA Real Estate Divorce Advisor
professional means having cool hands on your team at all times. I work with both parties and their attorneys while maintaining a calm and focused course toward their common best interest - which is a maximum return on their real estate investment(s).

Some questions to consider:

• Keeping the house? If yes, who stays and can they afford the payments alone?
• Selling the house? How soon must it be SOLD?
• How will any equity be divided?
• Are there any debts that need to be paid from the proceeds of the sale(s)?

These are obviously just a few of the things that will need to be discussed in preparation for selling your home. I can meet or speak with you both individually or together to discuss your properties current market value and how long you might expect to wait for a successful sale at the best price.

I'll also share my unique home selling strategy that guarantees you get top dollar so you can rest assured you're not leaving any money on the table at the close of escrow..

You can count on me to keep both parties fully informed at all times of any and all material information related to the sale of the home. I provide automated "property activity updates" to both parties on a weekly basis and strive to insure that your special showing or property related instructions are respected and adhered to.

Please call me directly at if you have questions or would like to discuss selling your home.

On your team,

Francine Willingham
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